Predictive Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things

Who We Are

We are highly skilled Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science professionals with the common goal of solving complex business challenges. We love everything about data. We enjoy analysing data, and extracting insights and business value from it. We have over a decade of research and development experience in industry and academia.

Our Services


Why Choose Us?


If you are new to this technology we start the journey with educating you on AI and ML by conductiong free training sessions on AI and ML.


We will showcase a number of demos relevant to your business. We identify the challenges that can be solved using data and analytics.

Passion in Work

If you are a small business, we can do the entire thing for free. In return we expect you spread a word about us and give a reference..

Free PoC

Only if you see business value in our work, we will engage commercially. Otherwise, we are happy not being paid anything at all.