Who We Are

We are highly skilled Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science professionals with the common goal of solving complex business challenges. We love everything about data. We enjoy analysing data, and extracting insights and business value from it. We have over a decade of research and development experience in industry and academia.

Our Goal

We believe that we live responsibly and leave the planet safe and healthy for future generations. We use our skills to help the business run effectively and efficiently to best use the natural resources. "We be­lieve in using natural resources for the benefit of human­kind. And I also believe that we should do so responsibly, leaving the planet safe and healthy for our children. This is what led us to start iDataMachine. We are committed to sustainability"

Why Choose Us?


If you are new to this technology we start the journey with educating you on AI and ML by conductiong free training sessions on AI and ML.


We will showcase a number of demos relevant to your business. We identify the challenges that can be solved using data and analytics.

Passion in Work

If you are a small business, we can do the entire thing for free. In return we expect you spread a word about us and give a reference..

Free PoC

Only if you see business value in our work, we will engage commercially. Otherwise, we are happy not being paid anything at all.

Our Motivation

Taking up challenges and solving problems using data is what we love and enjoy the most. We understand that the business value that can be extracted shifts from hardware to insights from data. We consider that we are well positioned to contribute to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) movement. So decided to combine our diverse skills and expertise to provide analytics solutions to business problems. We believe that we should live responsibly and leave the planet safe and healthy for future generations. We use our expertise and skills to help the business run efficiently to best use the natural resources and sustainability. We achieve this by helping the businesses make data driven objective decisions. Our mission is to combine this expertise with years of insight to make data work for you. More than finance we enjoy uncovering hidden patterns in unstructured, noisy, or seemingly too big data, and providing non-trivial solutions for a wide range of markets. Whether it be resource companies with supply chain challenges, telecommunications companies developing new infrastructure, or financial institutions managing massive customer base, no problem is too big or too complex.